Korban Workshop


The Korban Workshop offers these solid pine caskets.  Many people today are interested in a simpler and less expensive casket than is generally available.


                                                                      There is also a growing desire

                                                                       for more environmentally

                                                                       friendly caskets.  Our caskets

                                                                       are made of eastern white pine

                                                                       with sturdy handles.  No

                                                                       plywood is used.

You can choose unfinished pine, or a low sheen linseed oil finish.  Linseed oil is a natural oil derived from flax.  A dark brown stain is also available with a satin polyurethane finish.

Our caskets are available with a

white 100% cotton liner and pillow.

We can also carve a cross on the lid.

Casket lids are pre-drilled to receive four supplied screws.  You install the screws at time of burial.  Hinged lids with supports and latches are also available.  Interior size is approximately 78 inches long by 21 inches wide by 12 inches deep.

We also make a traditional diamond shape coffin which is wide at the shoulder and narrow at the foot.  The diamond shape is priced below. 



                              Traditional diamond Shaped Coffin   


Please consider ordering caskets in advance of anticipated need as we fill all orders on a custom basis and may not have one available on short notice.


                                              Interior View      





Rectangular casket with screw-down lid                                  920.   ______

( Sanded, plain pine )

Traditional diamond shaped coffin with screw-down lid      1010.   ______

( Sanded, plain pine ) 



Clear linseed oil finish                                                               50.    ______

Dark brown stain with satin

polyurethane finish                                                                    100.  ______

Cotton liner with pillow                                                            190.   ______

Carved cross on lid (Orthodox style or regular style)               40.   ______                                                        

Hinged lid with lid supports and latch                                      150.  ______

( Hinged lid not available for traditional diamond shaped coffin. )

                                                                          Sub Total                      _____

*Delivery                                                                                                 _____

Vt 6% sales tax (Vt. residents and pick-ups)                                       _____                                                                                                                                                                     

Total                                                                                                        _____




The Korban Workshop is located in Central Vermont near Interstate 89.  *We deliver or you can pick up at our shop.  Delivery charge is $1. per mile for most of New England and Eastern NY State.  Price for other locations is based on distance.                                        

                  Feel free to contact us with questions or concerns: